Monday, November 19, 2007


Boy I love this top, and when the request from a new client came in to customize it,
I was eager to please.
I love the color combination we came up with!!
And the Deerskin leather is so very soft on the skin making the Kiss-Me top even more luxurious and
oh so, sexxxxxxxxxxxxy!!!

Thanks Vivian!

Available at...

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Thanks to Scott Winters and Homestead Digital Design, the Sexy Skins website is officially launched!!!
If you had any idea what we have been through and the monies lost with trying to get a site done, you will know exactly how excited I am!!! So, please, please, check us out!!! Feel free to email me or comment here too with your thoughts!! And if you're looking to have a site done, you must consider Scott,
You will not be disappointed!!!
Thanks Scott!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pressing on and Pressing Hard

I woke up this morning and began my usual routine once the kiddos were off to school. I received an email informing me of a comment left on my profile at The Fashion Network, . That comment inspired me to write the following blog entry which I feel was interesting enough to add it to my blog here. So, here it is, in it's entirety.

Tuesday morning here and I still haven't had my coffee!! That's a first. That nice comment left by a new friend, got my attention and got me started poking around in the forums, distracting me from my morning coffee

(Writing break to fill the mug with my first cup)

The recent death of my sister has really altered my perspective of so many things. I will never be the same person I was before this event. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe that's the gift she has left me. We only have one shot at life, and any given moment, that life can change significantly. We BEST live it!

For some reason, her death has given me this extra boost of courage, energy and spirit to press on and press hard to making my dreams come true. This new bit of courage has opened some doors that may not have opened otherwise. Great things are happening! Maybe it's just the natural progression of the business. Maybe it's my newest angel. Maybe it's hard work and dedication to something I believe in with all my heart and soul. Maybe it's a bit of talent. Maybe it's a combination of all. I do know it's not coincidence.

So my advice (not that I'm worthy to be giving any) to anybody that's reading my ramblings, is to get out there!! No matter how big or small you or your line is. Have courage to start - anywhere. Just try. That's all it takes. Then at least you can say you did.

Luv & Peace,


Friday, September 28, 2007

A Tribute to a GREAT Woman

My heart is truly saddened by the loss of my oldest sister Dianne. She was more to me than just a sister, almost like a mother of sorts, since she was 18 years old when I was born. It's funny how people can effect your life and how they really impact it in ways that are hard to explain.

I am the woman I am today partly because of the person she was. I am so honored to have shared my life with her, but at the same time feel cheated from being able to create more memories together.

I know her spirit lives on in me, and through me, but still, I will forever miss her gigantuous smile, her kick ass approach to life, and her warm, caring, and loving heart. My life and those of others, will never be the same without her. No doubt, she has enriched the lives of all she has touched.

See ya sissa!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Roar to the Shore Rally

Well, I'm back. I wasn't sure I was going to make it. What a long ass ride that was! It took us eleven hours to get there, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic through NYC, dealing with some of the country's most craziest drivers (no offense, but I'm use to a more laidback approach to driving up here in "Cow Hamphire") and scorching temps. The ride home took a bit less time since I dared to maneuver the bike in and out of the traffic, cutting folks off if I had too. lol I'm pretty proud of myself for enduring such a ride. I even handled a close call with a flying seat cushion and racing tractor trailer truck quite well. I feel like now, I can ride anywhere. ☺

I got to meet up with some old friends, and party with some new. Met some fascinating folks too, like Billy Lane, Russell Mitchell and Athena "Chickie" Ransom of "Vagabond Choppers". What a woman!! She is such an inspiration for all of us struggling to start and run a business doing something we love, while surviving some of life's hardships along the way http://http// A great woman! I am so honored to have made her acquaintance. And I'm looking forward to doing business together. Speaking of which, it's time to get off the computer and get some work done. Ciao!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Artist

I love to draw
the human figure.

A Bit About Me

I found my passion for fashion while in college, for the second time, trying to choose a major. The first time, I was an illustration major. I never finished my studies and returned to do so in my late 20's. You think by then, I would have known why I was there. Two different department heads approached me, Illustration and Graphic Design because they felt I had talent. But something made me check into the fashion department. It was the Graphics Department head who advised me to follow my passion. So I did. Here I am. No regrets.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Road Trips

How I love them! My last, was through the Lake Champlain area into New York. What a beautiful trip and a blast too!! That was last summer! That's why I am looking forward to traveling down to New Jersey for the Roar to the Shore Rally, in Wildwood. Sexy Skins was invited by Alan Lee,, to join him and his fleet of custom built motorcycles to do a little promotional work. You see, I made him a custom leather jacket which he wore while at the rally in Sturgis. And I have been told, to keep my eyes peeled for photographs of him wearing his Sexy Skins in the Cycle Source and Easy Rider Magazines. I am so completely thrilled!!! This is a dream come true!! If you are in Wildwood for the rally, stop by to say hey, and check out my Sexy Skins...I'll have to make myself something special for the occasion.