Saturday, August 9, 2008

I’m Done,,,ah huh, OH YEAH!!

Boy oh boy, what a challenge this was! I have so many custom orders and design projects that I'm currently working on. Plus, as I was crafting the piece, I decided to make a couple of design changes that I felt were necessary, and then one giant screw up due to my dang machine, all just slowed me down immensely.

But it's done!!! I finally finished Alan Lee's jacket #2, and it came out WICKED AWESOME!!! I LOVE it!! I'm so excited!!!!!! I cannot wait for him to see it and to be able to show it off myself!! I will be posting photographs of the finished piece as well as the entire process real soon!

Gosh I love what I do...God sure has blessed me!! *Big Smiles*.

Off to the next project....