Made Especially for You

Whether your Sexy Skins order is for a custom design, or a Made-to-Fit item, it is created with attention to detail, and love for leather and our craft. It is "Made Especially for You"; from our expert hands to yours.

♦ We use your measurements to make the pattern ~ not the fashion industry standards.

♦ We inspect the hides for scars and imperfections before we strategically arrange your pattern on the best sections of the hide to ensure your garment will performs as it should, wears well, and will last a life time.

♦ We hand cut (not machine cut) the leather one hide at a time, one pattern piece at at time.

♦ One seamstress assembles your garment, and with a rubber mallet pounds each seam to flatten as she goes ~ not a production line with many stitchers working on your garment.

♦ Your garment is inspected and cleaned before it is lovingly packed and prepared for shipment.

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The LOVE Cuff by Sexy Skins
The ♥ L O V E ♥ Cuff is hand-crafted with top grade latigo leather. The center block is adorned with a contrasting heart; inlaid and hand laced which perfectly complements the LOVE Belt, LOVE Hip Bag/Purse, and LOVE Key Chain, and all the items in the Sexy Skins LOVE Series line.  The LOVE Cuff
The Dark Desire Custom Corset by Sexy Skins
The Dark Desire strapless black leather corset, custom made for you, is mysterious, seductive, and alluring. The lines of the princess cut are oh, so, flattering, while the boning lifts and accentuates all your curves.The Dark Desire Custom Corset
The Made-to-Fit Line of Semi-Custom Clothing  by Sexy Skins
The Made-to-Fit Line is when we take an existing Sexy Skins design and alter it to fit your body, type, and size, and then customize; you choose the type of leather, and the color of leather. Small changes to the design are included, therefore we can close up the front to cover your tummy, change a cup size, cinch it here, and tuck it there. Made-to-Fit Line
Made to-fit powerpoint
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The Rosa Collection of Leather Cuffs and Accessories by Sexy Skins
"God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December. " J.M. Barrie
 The Rosa Collecton of Leather Accessories are created by hand, using 5-7 oz. luxurious Aztec and California Latigo in the colors; Cognac, Tobacco, Brown, and Black.  Even the roses are made with the same leather.  It takes nearly 4 hours to complete one cuff.   The Rosa Collection of Leather Cuffs and Accessories
 The Rosa Collection of Leather Cuffs and Accessories powerpoint 

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