Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo

Is this weekend!! Come see Sexy Skins!! We will be there for the entire event set up as a vendor, and we will be rocking the runway with our Skins on Sunday. Fashion Show time is 2:15. Remember to stop by and say hi!


Heroes of Hope Part 2

The photo shoots for the Heroes of Hope Breast Calendar are now complete!! This past weekend, Cynthia August shot the remaining models, all themselves are either survivors, or currently undergoing treatment. The first to have their photos taken were Kelly and her son Ryan. Ryan, at just 10 years old, wrote and dedicated a rap song to his Mom, the song which was the inspiration for Kelly's survival. Janice was up next and brought with her to incorporate in her shoot; her coyote pelt, blue bird feathers, and a few other items. We also photographed Ed, an 81 year old veteran who I must say does not act or look like his age, Pauline, and Darleen. You can read all of our models stories in the calendar. To place your order, go to, http://www.ne-w4k.org/ .

After most of my creative responsibilities for the production of this calendar are complete, I'm once again left saying, "there are just no words" to describe what a journey this has been. I truly have been touched by each and every person I have met on this project. Even if in your life at this very moment you feel as if you're not in the position to help another, try. The littlest act of kindness goes an incredibly long way. And trust me when I say, you will be rewarded. Start here by spreading the word about our project. Pass along this blog entry, the website above, purchase a calendar, or make a donation. It will not only make a difference in the lives of many, but yours too.

Below, are some candid images I took during the last round of shoots. I hope you enjoy them!! And, I hope you do check out the link, spread the word, and become a sponsor! Together, WE CAN make a difference!! Thank You! ♥

Kelly and Ryan

Kelly and Ryan on the set of their photo shoot

Me styling Janice's shoot

The beautiful Miss Janice

Ed on the set of his shoot

Ed looking incredibly dapper

Pauline and I, flying high

Pauline posing for Cynthia

Miss Darleen having a chat with our talented photographer

Darleen and Jeffrey, who assisted Cynthia during our shoots

Friday, July 1, 2011

Heroes of Hope

I spent two entire days with photographer, Cynthia August, and four breast cancer survivors; Michelle, Diane, Joanne, and Heather, capturing images for Heroes of Hope 2011-2012 Breast Cancer Calendar. I cannot remember the last time I have ever felt as moved as I did during that weekend. I'm extremely grateful to have had this opportunity!

Below, are some candid images I took. I hope you enjoy them!! And, I hope you do check out the link, spread the word, and become a sponsor! Together, WE CAN make a difference!!


Cynthia August working a little magic on Heather.

Cynthia working her magic with a camera and lens.

Diane before we got her ready for her shoot.

Diane waiting patiently for her turn.

Michelle, ready and eager to get on her husband's Harley, and have her photo taken!

Michelle looking in the mirror.

Michelle posing on Joe's Harley.

My favorite photo of Mish.

Joanne getting Willie ready for his shoot.

A shot of Joanne's shoot from a distance.

Joanne wearing her custom Sexy Skins jacket, and Willie in his Sexy Skins
matching leather hat.

Beautiful Heather

Heather and Lisa calming the horse

Heather wearing my Blanket Cloak in front of the waterfall.