Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Story of Bethany Sue

Once upon a time in a land where the cows moo,

There was a beautiful maiden who was lost and lonely, her name was Bethany Sue.

She found herself in need of a ride

To a place far, far, away where she hoped her prince charming would reside.

Bethany Sue knew getting a ride on these roads was a task not so easy,

So her first choice was to wear leather, but leather that wasn't sleazy.

She laced up her sexiest of all her halter tops

And took to the street, in hopes that someone would stop.

Her thumb she stuck out with arm extended,

Looking so hot in her Sexy Skins she surrendered

To the idea that just around the corner a hog would come

Not of the breathing kind, but one of steel adorned with some

Shiny chrome, leather, and a biker dude straddling the seat,

Enjoying the rays of sun and the summer heat.

One who would be willing to stop in the midst of their ride,

And allow her to take her place as his bitch, and ride with pride.

A moment later a leather clad biker dude comes her way but doesn't stop,

Which made Bethany Sue raise her arms to show off her sexy leather top

To the next biker dude in her sight,

Slowing down to stop he just might.

Her thumb now waving by her side,

Mr. Harley Davidson stops and asks her to go for a ride.

Bethany Sue looks him in the eyes, smiles, then mounts his trusty steed.

She holds on to him tight as he shift into gear, gives it throttle, and off they proceed

Into the sunset with smiles gleaming from ear to ear,

Mr. Harley Davidson and Bethany Sue enjoying the freedom of a journey without any fear.

The End

Photos: Filipe Marques

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Celebrate V♥lentine's Day with Sexy Skins!

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