Sexy Skins Custom Design Process

Custom designing is an exciting experience. You become involved in the process from its inception, to choosing the perfect leather and materials, and making decisions which effect the look and feel of your finished garment. You will work closely with our designer to create a work of art which you will be most proud to wear.

Below, we have attempted to explain the process in steps as a guide to show you what you can expect. Depending upon the design and its complexity, we may be speaking more frequently than what we have outlined below. Some steps will be alleviated for those who are able to visit us in the studio.

As always, should you have any questions, please, call 603-969-6684, or email us at


1. Please contact us with a brief description of your design needs. Include your email address so we may email to you a measurement chart, contract, and additional information.

2. We will provide you with a rough estimate of what your garment may cost based upon others like it which we have created.

3. If our rough estimate is within your budget, return to Sexy Skins your signed contract, which is your commitment to hiring Sexy Skins for your custom design project, plus, a $150.00 design fee, which 100% will be applied to your order within one month of signed contract. It is a non-refundable deposit and cannot be applied to future orders. The design fee covers consultation and all correspondences, time spent researching, gathering samples, initial sketches, etc. (Design fee payment can be made through paypal, or credit card)

4. In person, by phone, or Skype, we will discuss your design in detail so we may begin to search materials, gather samples, and provide you with a more accurate estimate.

5. Email to Sexy Skins: the completed* measurement chart, a few photos of yourself (front, back, and full body).
*The measurement chart should be filled out by your tailor, but can be done by yourself with some help. The more accurate, the better your garment will fit.

6. You will receive samples of leather, and we will be talking once again to ensure we fully understand your vision for your design.

7. You will receive an accurate estimate based upon your choices, and an invoice for a deposit of 50%. 

8.   After payment is made you will receive a formal sketch of your design. 

9.  We draft your pattern and construct a muslin sample (a cotton replica) of your design which will be mailed to you along with a Fitting Kit and instructions.

10. Try on your Muslin Sample, and follow instructions in your fitting kit.

11. Return the Fitting Kit, and Muslin Sample in the enclose self-addressed envelope, AND email the photographs as were requested in the Fitting Kit.

12. We will adjust your pattern for the proper fit, and make any corrections necessary before we cut in leather. If second Muslin is required to obtain the proper fit, we will notify you before it is made and shipped out to you.

13. We will notify you when your Sexy Skins custom design is finished with an invoice for the "balance due" (including shipping charges).

14. Make final payment.

15. Your custom designed Sexy Skins is shipped!

Sexy Skins, LLP
P.O. Box 225
Newmarket, NH, 03857
Phone: 603-969-6684,

NOTE: We will give price ranges over the phone or by email, but will not give estimates because it varies from project to project and is determined by quality and type of leather, inlay, artwork, hardware, design and finishes, etc.