Friday, January 25, 2008

I love this one!!!

This has to be the BEST feedback I have gotten EVER!! Not only was I happy she was happy, but I was laughing my ass off too! God, I love what I do!!!

By the way, she purchased the Blue Heaven Sexy Skins Halter top. :)

Subject: SHUT UP!!!!!!!

Isn't that what Stacy from the show "Fashionably Late" always says when something looks FANTASTIC!!!!

I walked in the door from work and my husband says "you got a package"...I get packages all the time so I just glanced over at it but then I saw Sexy Skins on it and I threw my coat off, tore the package open and started tearing off my husband was looking at me like I was NUTS!!!! I put it on and he said "Wow".... and it truly is WOW. Looks great on me with my blond hair and not to mention I have a bit of a tan left from my cruise (a little fake baking helps too).

You did a great job...I love the design and how soft the leather is AND IT FITS ME PERFECT!!!!!! Can't wait to wear it!!! I'll send you a photo of me sporting it when I do.

Keep up the great designs!!!

I'll chat with you soon, but I have to go now since my husband seems to be getting frisky with me wearing it!!!!! WOO HOO!


Seacoast Harley Davidson MVP Bash

Well, I'm very excited about this opportunity! Sexy Skins will be a vendor at Seacoast Harley Davidson's invite only MVP bash! Pretty cool! And, my two favorite models will be joining me too, wearing their Sexy Skins for the event, of course.
Music, refreshments, games, and us,,,,now what could possibly be more fun! lol

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The photos are here! The photos are here!! Yay!!!
Finally, my most memorable celebrity client sent me some photos of himself wearing his custom designed Sexy Skins Jacket!! I'm so excited!!! lol And I must say, he looks so HOTTTTTTTTT!!!

"He" is one of my most favorite bike builders going! I love his work!! His style is unique and and avant-garde. Hell, he is a true artist with metal and motor!! And not only is he a very talented bike builder, but Alan Lee is a wonderful person as well!! I have to say, I am feeling pretty dang lucky to have had this opportunity, and to have made such a great friend in the process. Life is good. :)

Luv & Peace,

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The world lost another beautiful woman on the 16Th of December. That day, I lot my best friend, my role model, and my hero. I find it hard to fathom the loss of 2 women who mean the world to me in just under 3 months time. My heart is broken. Although, when I look at my own children, I am reminded quickly at how wonderful and special a mothers love really is. One day they too will realize that no other can ever love you the way a mother can...unconditional and with every being of her heart and soul. It's such a selfless love and a true gift.

The loss of my Mother and my sister has me taking a step back and questioning my place in life. We all will die eventually, so why spend our time at meaningless and unfulfilled jobs? Why partake in activities that don't bring us joy? Why let someone else raise our children so we can afford a nice house and fancy cars??

I took on a new job prior to my mother's death and found myself placing that position before the well-being of my children. It felt horrible. I lost that job because I spent my mother's last days by her side, holding her hand. What at the time seemed unfair, may have been a gift. Maybe it's time to say goodbye to the possessions that up until now have brought me satisfaction, and pursue a life that is filled with substance.

I LOVE riding my motorcycle. I LOVE designing clothing. I LOVE leather. I ADORE my children. There's one or two pieces to my life's puzzle I need to find. Wish me luck. :)

Peace & Love,