Monday, December 6, 2010

New from Sexy Skins!

Introducing our new collection , “Brown Titivation”. We begin this collection with 3 exciting new styles! And just in time for the holiday!

♥ Perfect for that special woman or man in your life is The Trinity Cuff.

The Unisex Trinity Cuff has three 7 mm Turquoise colored stone rivets which are beautifully centered in the middle of a brown leather cuff. On both sides of each stone are three 1.5" oval cut-outs ~ symmetry at its best.

The Trinity Cuff by Sexy Skins:

♥ Reminiscent of that 1970’s style is That 70’s Cuff

That 70’s Cuff has one 7 mm Turquoise colored stone rivet beautifully centered between two 1.5" oval cut-outs on a brown leather wrist strap. The sides are burnished smooth, and the back finished like all our leather cuffs.

That 70's Cuff for Her by SexySkins:

♥ His and Hers Turquoise Twist-Braid Cuff (sold separately)

The Sexy Skins Hers Twist-Braid Cuff has one 7 mm Turquoise colored stone rivet which is beautifully centered on a brown leather wrist band. Adorning each side is Stairstep Applique lacing technique using 1 mm round leather lacing.

The Sexy Skins His Twist-Braid Cuff has one 10 mm Turquoise colored stone rivet which is also beautifully centered on a brown leather wrist band. Adorning each side is Stairstep Applique lacing technique using 2 mm round leather lacing.

Both His and Her Twist-Braid Cuffs are hand-crafted with 8 ounce Brown Latigo Leather, and the sides are burnished smooth, and the back finished.

Hers Turquoise TwistBraid Cuff by SexySkins:
His Turquoise TwistBraid Cuff: by SexySkins:

The Brown Titivation Collection:

Should you have any questions, please give us a call or send an email!

Wishing you a safe and happy Holiday Season filled with much love and peace!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Lisa's Picks for the Gift Giving Season

The Holiday Season is upon us. Shopping for gifts can sometime feel like a task. I thought it may be helpful to offer a bit of gift giving advice to our Sexy Skins followers.

Fashion is in my blood (I was probably designing clothing in my Mother’s womb and she and my Grandma were sewing before they ever learned how to ride a bicycle). I have my BFA degree in Fashion Design. I can draw, paint, name it, if it has anything to do with creating, I can do it. Besides all that, I usually am the one you will speak with when you call Sexy Skins or email with questions or to place an order. I'm always the one who measures our clients, and the one who drafts their pattern. I am the only designer for Sexy Skins. I am also Sexy Skins best customer!! I have worn everything!! Who better than me to handle the responsibility of helping you do your Sexy Skins shopping?

So without further ado, here are my 10 top Sexy Skins picks:

10. Zen Cuff….what I love about the Zen Cuff is pretty simple; it looks hot on my man! And I have to admit, it looks hot on every guy I have seen wear it. It’s a simple, uncomplicated and sexy design. Period.

9. Kiss Me Halter…one of my favorite halter designs because it looks great on every woman whom I have made one for, and here’s why: It was designed that way! It was meant to flatter the figure and lift the puppies. To ensure that, all I need is her bra and cup size. Waist measurement helps too. If you’re not sure what color combinations she may want, then a gift certificate may be the way to go.

8. Large Brown LOVE Pouch….I confess, was a designer’s accident and I’m glad it happened! It’s different, attractive, and functional. This is a great leather bag to cart around your makeup, school supplies or travel goodies. And, 10% of its sale is donated to charity through Etsy Project Embrace.

7. X-Cuff…is available in so many pretty colored rhinestones including Black (Black is missing from the photograph)!! Just the right amount of bling to keep the look sophisticated and classy, but without losing that biker style. It’s a great looking cuff! And made with the same top grade latigo leather used on our belts except the X-Cuffs are a little thinner making them comfy to wear.

6. Sequoyah Suede Scoop….one of my personal favorites for the color alone. I LOVE purple! I LOVE the scooped front! It shows just the perfect amount of cleavage so you feel sexy, and classy while wearing it. It’s affordable too!

5. LOVE Belt….this is one nice belt just for the leather we use alone. We don’t line the belt because we don’t have to. We use top grade, thick, latigo leather in black or brown. All we need is the size you want it (instructions on how to measure are posted on the listing to purchase). A great looking belt with a beautiful buckle which coordinates perfectly with the entire LOVE Series Line with 10% of the sales donated to charity through Etsy Project Embrace.

4. LOVE Hip Pouch/Purse….I created the design and made the prototype based upon my own personal needs. I wore it around on and off the motorcycle for a while, then went back to the drafting board to make changes to the design, and voila! I LOVE the LOVE Hip Pouch/Purse!! It’s so versatile…one minute it’s a hip pouch attached to your belt loops, then in seconds, you can clip the shoulder strap on and you’re good to go wearing it as a purse instead. I think the design is just beautiful and it matches the LOVE Belt and other LOVE accessories!! I LOVVVVVVVVVVVE it!

3. Trilogie Cuff…rugged, sexy, masculine all in one cuff!!! When I see a guy wearing the Trilogie, I get the goose bumps. There’s just something about the way it looks on a man’s wrist. The photograph does not do it justice. You really have to see for yourself.

2. Heaven Halter…we sell more of this design than any other, and in all different colors, and even some with little changes like; closing up the front tummy, the addition of side slits, and covering up the extra bit of junk in the back…oh and ask me about my little cutlet secret. The Heaven makes my top 10 list not just for those reasons but because, you can wear it without wearing a bra! All Sexy Skins are designed that way – to lift and support! I hate bras!

1. And my number ONE Sexy Skins pick is……drum roll please……honestly, I couldn’t decide! It is a toss-up between the Santa Fe Suede Halter and all the custom clothing we create here at Sexy Skins (in case you haven’t heard, Sexy Skins is NH Magazines Best for Custom Leather).

I love the Santa Fe for its beautiful cut. This design ROCKS!!! It supports! It lifts! It separates! It looks great in suede! It looks fantastic in leather (Vegas Heat)! Beautiful with the addition of bling, with grommets, or with an inlay design…even with nothing at all! It feels beautiful on your skin! It is sexy, and it looks good on every single woman I have seen it on from the tiniest of busts to the double D’s. The Santa Fe is my all-time favorit, by far!!!

I get so much joy making people happy so the experience of working intimately with an individual to design and create a custom piece that they will enjoy wearing for a long time, also has to be my number one pick. Some of my most creative pieces have come from working with some very extraordinary people. We even have seen Sexy Skins being worn on television! Maybe you will recognize one…

Well, that’s it….Lisa’s Top 10 Sexy Skins Picks for 2010. I hope this is of some help. If not, there's always a gift certificate!

Should you have any questions, you can always give us a call or send an email!
Wishing you a safe and happy Holiday Season filled with much love and peace!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1st Annual Ride for the Cure was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!!

Brenda Smith
New England Walkers for Knockers

What an unbelievable Day! With over 200 bikes in attendance and $8,013 raised - the First Annual Ride for the cure was a huge success!

Thanks to mother nature, the sun was shining bright and there was not a cloud in the sky! The wind was a bit harsh and the temps were brisk, but that didnt' stop anyone from joining in on the beautiful escorted foliage ride along the back roads of New Hampshire. Thank you to all the police officers who escorted the ride and also the road captains and road guards who got us to our desination in a safe and timely manner.

We were joined by Portsmouth Firefighters who proudly displayed one of their fire trucks at Seacoast Harley-Davidson in honor of Sarah Fox; who is one of the individuals who will benefit from this fundraiser.

Bikes were decorated with pink bandanas, bras and one very special one remembering a loved one that had recently passed from breast cancer. The riders and passengers were also wearing pink in support of the cause! There would be no doubt this was a breast cancer ride.

The energy on the morning of the ride was amazing! Everyone was so excited to be part of this event. The riders started rolling in as early as 8am and everyone enjoyed coffee and donuts as they talked amongst the other ride particpants. We had participants who drove from as far as Pennsylvania and we were also joined by a few people from China!

Brenda Fox joined us as the grand marshal of our ride. She walked the crowd all morning and met many of the ride participants and took many pictures with everyone. She also had the opportunity to get to know many of them while sharing stories about her life experiences, their life experiences and with some, their experiences with breast cancer.

As we rolled into Manchester we were honored to be able to parade down Elm Street. Thanks to Mayor Gatsas for welcoming the ride at Granite Street and alsofor making an appearance at Jillian's.

The Sexy Skins Fashion show was a big hit! Brenda Fox was the MC of the show. Thank you to the Sexy Skins Models and everyone who was involved in the fashion show. Thanks also to Sexy Skins and Bizznatch Bling for the beautiful top they donated to the event which raised over $300.00.

There were many other raffle itmes donated which raised over $800.00. NE-W4K team mate Lori Elwell did a fabulous job showering the crowd with tons of tshirts and other give aways and had fun doing it!

We also had a few vendors and Clubs at the event, Wicked Paintworks, Cabin Fever and the East Coast Biker Chicks. Thanks also to the Elliot Breast Center of Manchester for attending the event and speaking with our participants about breast cancer.

We met so many wonderful people and everyone exrpressed they had a great time at the event. There were many stories shared about people who had been personally touched by breast cancer and they were very grateful to everyone who was involved in putting this event on.

With this being the first Ride for the Cure for NE-W4K, we had no idea how many people to expect. We were elated to see over 200 bikes attend the ride. As with any event, there are growing pains and there is always room for improvement. Overall, we felt the event was a very positive experience for everyone who was involved.

Thank you to our event sponsors, Robert Burns of Baystate Financial Services, Exeter NH, Walls Ford, Salisbury , MA and IRA Toyota of Manchester. Also thanks to Seacoast Harley-Davidson for hosting our event and to the employees for catering to the rde participants. Thanks also to Jillian's Billiards and it's employees for throwing a great after party bash. Also Thank you to Sweetshot photography, Robert Daniels, Brian Lumb Photography, Radioedit, DJ Adam Furious and Sexy Skins for making the After Ride Bash, FUN, FUN, FUN!

Our sincerest thanks to everyone that helped with this event. Everyone that took part in this event donated their time and services 100%. And, thanks to that and to our sponsors, 100% of the proceeds raised from this event will be donated! This event was a total team effort and would not have been possible without the help and supupport of everyone involved.

NE-W4K has three goals when organizing our events; 1.) raise money, 2.) raise awareness, 3.) get people involved in helping others. We are thrilled to say we reached each of these goals with this event!

Thank you all for Making A Difference.

Brenda Smith
New England Walkers for Knockers

Monday, September 13, 2010

Well for me anyway. As some of you know, on September 24, 2007, my beautiful sister Dianne died from Leukemia. Less than 2 1/2 months later, my mother died from Cancer. Not only did both experiences feel like the life was sucked out of my soul, it changed my perspective on life and business. I realized how valuable time is. Once it ticks away, it's gone can never get it back. So I now make every attempt to use my time wisely, and spend it with people who are deserving of it, and doing things that bring joy, peace, love and happiness to myself and others.

So many people have told me that in business, you cannot help others until you can stand on your own two feet. That I must wait until we are profitable before I can move mountains. Well, after watching my two "go-to" women die from such a horrible disease, that perspective didn't sit too well. I had a vision and designed the "LOVE" Series where Sexy Skins donates 10% of the sales from those items to The Cancer Society, through a team called Etsy Project Embrace. I received an email no too long ago stating that the Project Embrace Team will be adding other charitable organizations in which we can donate to. Yesterday I got word of which those are and I'm so excited! They are:

1.American Hospice Foundation
2.Children’s Miracle Network
3.Macmillan Cancer Support
4.Susan B Komen for the Cure

Both my Mother and Sister spent their last days in a Hospice facility. Watching them die was the most difficult thing to witness. But seeing how much the staff cared and nurtured them during their last hours made it a little bit easier. I will never forget those people for loving and caring for my loved ones the way they did.

I have been holding off making my next donation from our "LOVE Series" sales until the list of charities came in, and I'm glad I did because the next donation will be going to the American Hospice Foundation. I may not be able to move mountains (yet), but each penny makes a difference. To read about Etsy Project Embrace and the American Hospice Foundation,

Remember to live, love, laugh, and make a difference....♥

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sarah's Ride!!!

Sexy Skins will be in attendance at Seacoast Harley Davidson in North Hampton, NH on September 11, and we will have Spirit Cuffs to sell with $1.00 of the sale of each cuff being donated to Sarah. Please stop by, have some fun, and show your support!!!

New England Walkers for Knockers Ride for the Cure

Please join us on October 9 for the Ride for the Cure!!!
And if you don't ride but would like to show your support and have fun too, then join us for The After Ride Bash at Jillian's in downtown Manchester, NH!!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sexy Skins Spirit Cuff for the Cure

Sexy Skins designed this cuff for New England Walkers for Knockers (The Avon Walk) and their First Annual Ride for the Cure. For each sale, Sexy Skins will donate $1.00 to the cause.

*Ask me about the ride on October 9th!!! *

•••♥••• To Purchase•••♥•••

ONLINE Orders:
EMAIL orders please contact or
PHONE 603-969-6684. You will be sent an invoice of the sale. Visa/Mastercard and, Paypal accepted. Money Orders and Personal Checks - order will be processed when funds clear.

•••♥••• The Spirit Cuff •••♥•••

The Sexy Skins Spirit Cuffs will remind you to stop, breath, and reach within.

The Spirit Cuffs, for "Him and "Her" are hand-crafted with 8 ounce latigo leather in both Black and Brown. The sides are burnished smooth, and the back is finished. All close with two snaps making it adjustable.

"Hers" Black is crafted with one pink rhinestone rivet beautifully centered on a black leather wrist band.
"Hers" Brown is crafted with one coral rivet beautifully centered on a brown leather wrist band. Measures approximately 8 inches from strap end to strap end. Width of strap is approximately 9/16" wide (slightly over 1/2"). $15.00 each
"His" Black and Brown are both crafted with one silver domed rivet beautifully centered on a leather wrist band. Measures approximately 9 1/2 inches from strap end to strap end. Width of strap is approximately 11/16" wide (slightly over 5/8"). $18.00 each

Ships First Class Mail.

United States $2.50
Canada $2.95
Everywhere else, $3.50

•••♥••• New England Walkers for Knockers •••♥•••

•••♥•••Photography •••♥•••

Photo courtesy of Sweet Shot Photography

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I first met Brenda Smith, founder of New England Walkers for Knockers, after our fashion show during Laconia Bike Week. She was looking for support for the 1st Annual Ride for the Cure which she is organizing. I felt compelled to help but wasn't sure to what capacity until while sitting at my son's baseball practice when the light bulb went off during a conversation with another Mom about Sexy Skins, business, and some of our products. Instantly, the gates were flooded with ideas as I hurried to write them down as fast as I could. I couldn't wait to contact Brenda! Then Lisa from Bizznatchbling, then Glynis from Sweetshot Photography, and the Wow Team grew....with the inclusion of Brenda's right hand woman, Lori, and, Arielle, Marketing Director from Seacoast Harley Davidson.

I'm sure you are saying to yourself right now, "Wow, what the heck is she talking about???" Well Brenda and I have assembled the most dynamic, energetic, and talented business women in the NH area, and Brent our only male member, to work together to create one great charity ride and a helluva good time to raise money for Breast Cancer!! You should see what we are working on as our team continues to evolve and grow with the possible inclusion of two more dynamic women! I am so pumped!! All I can say at this very moment is, stay tuned folks......the BEST is yet to come!!!

Happy Dance, Happy Dance---I'm doing a Happy Dance right now!!

Photograph: Courtesy of Glynis Citarelli, Sweetshot Photography
To view more photos from our first "Wow" meeting, click here,

Sexy Skins in Two Etsy Treasuries!!!

Beautiful Shimmer...

And Lovely Tangerine...

Both treasuries feature Sexy Skins LOVE Series items - we donate 10% to The Cancer Society as part of Team Etsy Project Embrace!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best of NH 2010 winners -

Best of NH 2010 winners -

Custom Leather: My Sexy Skins of Newmarket ( designed some jackets for motorcycle legend Alan Lee that were featured on CMT's "The Chopper Challenge" and their business took off with a roar. A glance at their product line (complete with hot models) shows what the excitement is about. Designer Lisa Cantalupo creates stylish and sometimes radical designs that blend the refined airs of high society with the hot rumble of the open road.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sexy Skins is BEST OF NH 2010 for Custom Leather!!!


Celebration June 24 at Verizon Arena to Benefit the New Hampshire Food Bank

Newmarket, NH -- June 25, 2010) Sexy Skins has been selected by the editors of
New Hampshire Magazine as “Best of NH 2010” for Custom Leather. The winners were feted last evening Thursday, June 24 at a celebration at the Manchester’s Verizon Wireless Arena which each year draws more than 1,500 people.

Partygoers were able to sample great food from dozens of restaurants, enjoyed the entertainment and entered to win in a drawing for two tickets from Southwest Airlines — all celebrating the best New Hampshire has to offer.

“It adds up to one heck of a good time,” says Rick Broussard, editor of New Hampshire Magazine.
“And, as a fund-raiser for the New Hampshire Food Bank, it’s for a good cause.”

Proceeds from last evening’s event ticket sales benefited the New Hampshire Food Bank, a program
of New Hampshire Catholic Charities. The Food Bank, the largest non-profit food distribution center in the state, obtains and distributes donated and purchased food to 412 registered agencies that in turn provide the food to hungry people in New Hampshire through soup kitchens, food pantries, homeless shelters, and elderly and children’s programs.

Presenting sponsor Southwest Airlines, the Official Airline of the Best of NH Party, along with sponsors which included; FairPoint Communications, AutoFair, Hannaford Supermarkets, Catholic Medical Center, CIGNA HealthCare of New Hampshire and Bud Light Golden Wheat. Media sponsors; WMUR-TV, 95.7fm WZID and WXRV The River 92.5.

New Hampshire Magazine is the state’s largest lifestyle magazine. It is part of McLean Communications of Manchester, a publishing company that also includes New Hampshire Business Review, New Hampshire Home, Parenting New Hampshire and

Sexy Skins Does Laconia Bike Week

No excuses but I certainly have good reason for such a lag in posts. I have been "crazy" BUSY! Sexy Skins has participated in numerous events and fashion shows throughout the past months, with the most recent at Laconia Bike Week. I knew eventually we would be showing Skins up there, but I never imagined it would be this year!! Thanks to The Tigerlily Band for introducing us to the owners of The Paradise beach Club who graciously allowed us to set up a booth in their establishment...the only vendor ever mind you...and strut our stuff on stage with Lily and the band. Check back here to view the video (once I figure out how to load it up). lol

For me, the highlight of this event was watching as our lovely models dressed in Sexy Skins of course, straddle the motorcycles of our biker friends as we rode through the streets of Laconia. The massive crowds who line the streets were stretching their necks to catch a glimpse of our leather procession. Cameras were raised and photos were snapped as we made our way, but it was I who should have been capturing the moment for the expressions on the faces of those who saw us, made me giggle. If anyone caught Sexy Skins Leather Parade with either stills or video, PLEASE send them to me!!!

Our stay in Laconia seemed way too short, but was long enough to meet so many wonderful people. I was very touched by all the women who expressed their appreciation for my art and the service we provide to design and fit all sizes and shapes. A very successful bike builder who came to see our show asked what separates our leather from the leather of other companies, and that is it! We at Sexy Skins know first hand how empowering it is to wear leather that fits us right. We understand that our world is curvy and no two curves are exactly the same. Sexy Skins hugs them all!!!

I will end this post with a special thank you to all our fans, friends, and colleagues who lent their support, and to our lovely models for trekking the distance to participate in what will go down in history as being my most memorable bike week ever!!! Thank YOU!!! xoxoxoxo

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Story of Bethany Sue

Once upon a time in a land where the cows moo,

There was a beautiful maiden who was lost and lonely, her name was Bethany Sue.

She found herself in need of a ride

To a place far, far, away where she hoped her prince charming would reside.

Bethany Sue knew getting a ride on these roads was a task not so easy,

So her first choice was to wear leather, but leather that wasn't sleazy.

She laced up her sexiest of all her halter tops

And took to the street, in hopes that someone would stop.

Her thumb she stuck out with arm extended,

Looking so hot in her Sexy Skins she surrendered

To the idea that just around the corner a hog would come

Not of the breathing kind, but one of steel adorned with some

Shiny chrome, leather, and a biker dude straddling the seat,

Enjoying the rays of sun and the summer heat.

One who would be willing to stop in the midst of their ride,

And allow her to take her place as his bitch, and ride with pride.

A moment later a leather clad biker dude comes her way but doesn't stop,

Which made Bethany Sue raise her arms to show off her sexy leather top

To the next biker dude in her sight,

Slowing down to stop he just might.

Her thumb now waving by her side,

Mr. Harley Davidson stops and asks her to go for a ride.

Bethany Sue looks him in the eyes, smiles, then mounts his trusty steed.

She holds on to him tight as he shift into gear, gives it throttle, and off they proceed

Into the sunset with smiles gleaming from ear to ear,

Mr. Harley Davidson and Bethany Sue enjoying the freedom of a journey without any fear.

The End

Photos: Filipe Marques