Monday, September 13, 2010

Well for me anyway. As some of you know, on September 24, 2007, my beautiful sister Dianne died from Leukemia. Less than 2 1/2 months later, my mother died from Cancer. Not only did both experiences feel like the life was sucked out of my soul, it changed my perspective on life and business. I realized how valuable time is. Once it ticks away, it's gone can never get it back. So I now make every attempt to use my time wisely, and spend it with people who are deserving of it, and doing things that bring joy, peace, love and happiness to myself and others.

So many people have told me that in business, you cannot help others until you can stand on your own two feet. That I must wait until we are profitable before I can move mountains. Well, after watching my two "go-to" women die from such a horrible disease, that perspective didn't sit too well. I had a vision and designed the "LOVE" Series where Sexy Skins donates 10% of the sales from those items to The Cancer Society, through a team called Etsy Project Embrace. I received an email no too long ago stating that the Project Embrace Team will be adding other charitable organizations in which we can donate to. Yesterday I got word of which those are and I'm so excited! They are:

1.American Hospice Foundation
2.Children’s Miracle Network
3.Macmillan Cancer Support
4.Susan B Komen for the Cure

Both my Mother and Sister spent their last days in a Hospice facility. Watching them die was the most difficult thing to witness. But seeing how much the staff cared and nurtured them during their last hours made it a little bit easier. I will never forget those people for loving and caring for my loved ones the way they did.

I have been holding off making my next donation from our "LOVE Series" sales until the list of charities came in, and I'm glad I did because the next donation will be going to the American Hospice Foundation. I may not be able to move mountains (yet), but each penny makes a difference. To read about Etsy Project Embrace and the American Hospice Foundation,

Remember to live, love, laugh, and make a difference....♥