Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sexy Skins in Bound by Ink

The Sexy Skins custom designed leather jacket we created for master metal man Alan Lee was featured in the award winning magazine, Bound by Ink, in Alan's 10 page spread. This is a sneak peak....

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**Dates above are for orders with in-stock merchandise ONLY. Please allow extra time for Made-to-Fit Orders. Currently there is a 2-4 week turn-around for Made-to-Fit items, and longer for Custom Designed pieces.

Questions or concerned about getting it in time for Christmas? Call us 603-969-6684 or email

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Denimrack Collection

A fun and exciting project which I had the pleasure of working on was, "The Denimrack Collection". That is because I had the opportunity to work with the owner of The Denimrack Boutique, Joe Hickey. Not only does Joe possess incredible business savvy, he is also extremely creative with a phenomenal eye for color and texture. Those qualities combined with my leather expertise and fashion sense, have resulted in the creation of a collection of leather cuffs which are fun, hip, and trendy.

I'm so proud of this collection for its quality and design! All the cuffs are handmade with the most luxurious of latigo leathers available, and using the most unique hardware I could fine. By far, they are my favorite cuffs to sell, and wear! Check them out at the Denimrack in downtown Portsmouth, NH or, purchase from our website.
(Please note, not all of the cuffs from The Denimrack Collection are pictured in the photograph above but can be found on our website)

Remember, we guarantee our workmanship. Even though we do our very best to ensure nothing will fail, if it ever should, simply return it and we'll repair it or send you another in its place.

Sarah Fox and The Portsmouth Fire Fighters Charitable Association

When asked to design a cuff for The Portsmouth Fire Fighters Charitable Association's Ride for Sarah Fox, I put all aside, and immediately headed to the studio and my drafting table to begin work on the design.

Portsmouth Firefighter Sarah Fox was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 9, 2007. At the time she was also 36 ½ weeks pregnant with twins. Twelve hours after her diagnosis the twins were born making a family of seven. Sarah fought through the many challenges and treatments that cancer brings and beat the odds returning to work in January 2009. Just over a year later Sarah developed a pain in her hip which was discovered to be cancer. Sarah, her husband Matt, and their 5 children and extended family are faced with the fight against cancer once again.

I had asked what words of inspiration brought comfort and courage to Sarah, and incorporated into the cuff design her favorite quote from Charles Haddon Spurgeon, "by perseverance the snail reached the ark”. Another inspiration for the design is a circle; the ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, and infinity, which also represents the strength of the human spirit. Our “circle” is a ¾” metal ring which functions as a closure, and is a unique and decorative element to the Sarah’s Cuff design.

The feedback I am getting from "Sarah's Cuff" is incredibly positive. People feel inspired by the quote Sarah chose because at one time or another, we all have had to muster up the courage to fight, and needed the patience to endure when faced with personal trials and tribulation. Recently, a woman shared with me her story of when she was just a young child suffering from hearing loss, her parents supported her and fought with the school when she was failing. Now she's a breast cancer surgeon.

I would like to thank Sarah Fox for sharing a part of her soul with us which will continue to inspire many. My prayers go out to her, and, her family and friends. Please show your support, by purchasing Sarah's Cuff.

IAFF 9/11 Tribute Rally, Ride, and Cuffs

On September 11th, Sexy Skins and crew, traveled to Newburgh, NY for the International Association of Fire Fighter's 9/11 Tribute Rally and Ride. It was quite an honor to ride in the procession of nearly 4,000 motorcycles on the freeways of New York to the Fire Fighter's Memorial in New York City, where we all gathered to remember those who perished on that day, and reflect upon the tragedies of this time in our nation's history.

An even greater honor was bestowed upon Sexy Skins. The IAFF asked us to design a leather cuff for the Tribute Rally and Ride. With our hands we crafted the 10th Anniversary of September 11th Commemorative Cuffs with the hope that our creation will help unite this generation and generations to come.

We will never forget the men and women fire fighters who lost their lives on that day. We will forever remember all those who perished, and hold in our hearts the families they left behind.

I thank the the IAFF for this great honor, and ask that you show your support by purchasing a 10th Anniversary 9/11 Commemorative Cuff,

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heroes of Hope Breast Cancer Calendar

A calendar featuring Sexy Skins clothing and models is something which I have had the desire to do for some time. I approached New England Walkers for Knockers, Brenda Smith with the idea for a collaboration on such a calendar with the intent to raise money toward the cure for breast cancer. It was agreed that the models should be people who have been afflicted with the disease, giving them a podium to share their stories, and educate the world about this horrific disease. Five of our models chose to wear Sexy Skins.

Through my experience watching as my sister battled Leukemia, I developed an understanding for how much people have to endure while battling a disease. Therefore, it became my personal desire for every person posing in front of the lens for our calendar, to feel extraordinarily beautiful or handsome, and comfortable. For if it was just this one day, I wanted to be somewhat responsible for bringing to their lives, a bit of peace, normalcy, contentment, and self-confidence. My role changed from fashion designer to photo stylist, as I assisted our photographer on the shoots.

The Heroes for Hope Breast Cancer Calendar came out smashingly gorgeous! And it's all because of our team of people who donated their time and energy, and shared their incredible talents with us and the world! I was truly blessed to work with; graphic designer, Lori Elwell, Arielle Andrews of Seacoast Harley Davidson, the extremely talented photographer, Cynthia August, and project coordinator, Brenda Smith of NE-W4K.

The Heroes of Hope Breast Calendar is complete and are now for sale!!
To purchase go to, . All proceeds are donated toward helping those who are suffering with breast cancer.

Check out the video above to get a behind the scenes peek during one set of photo shoots. You may be able to tell how this experience blessed all who were involved. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart!!! Together, we have made a difference!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The J. Geils Band Concert and Magic Dick

What an AWESOME weekend!! If you have been tuning in lately, then you know, I was hired by Magic Dick from the legendary J. Geils Band, and wife, Susan to design and create a custom leather jacket for him to wear at the J. Geils Homecoming Concert in Boston this past Saturday. With only a week to do it (a custom jacket, from start to finish can take over 3 months), there were many long days and sleepless nights - but I did it!

Susan picked up his jacket Saturday morning. She loved it! But the true test would be Dick because as a performer, his needs are different than the average person. Function is as important, if not more, than fashion. I had to alter the pattern and the design to allow for comfort and mobility on stage. And without the necessary time for the proper amount of fittings, I had to go with my gut and trust my instincts. Saturday afternoon I received word in the form of a text that read, "Dick LOVES his jacket! Thank You!!!!!!". Yay!!!....that was obviously what I wanted to hear. Now I was even more excited about going to see Dick, and the Geils Band perform that evening.

We arrived in town around 7:00, picked up our tickets and VIP passes at the door (Thank you, Susan!), and walked toward the concession stand to fill our tummies. We ate and found our seats. Brent, the person who came into my life at the perfect time and gave me the courage to follow my dream, got the best seat for viewing. I sat between my two boys, the two most important people in my life, therefore, the best seat in the house. In fact, it was my oldest, who when times were at the toughest, came into my office, threw his leg around the arm of the chair, and with the deepest sincerity said, "Mom, no matter what...never give up on Sexy Skins". So much wisdom from a 13 year old because it was those words which gave me the incredible power to continue on my journey.

Finally, the J. Geils band took center stage and the show began! There he was, Magic Dick, wearing his new jacket, looking sexy as hell!! What an AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, concert!!! The J. Geils Band rocks!!! The music was fantastic! And, boys shared their first concert experience with me, reaping some of the rewards too like going back stage to meet the band and spend some time with Dick in his dressing room. Dick is a very special and talented human being. I'm so grateful for this experience in more ways than the obvious. Simply, AWESOME...:-)

Photographs by Nancy Nutile-McMenemy,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo

Is this weekend!! Come see Sexy Skins!! We will be there for the entire event set up as a vendor, and we will be rocking the runway with our Skins on Sunday. Fashion Show time is 2:15. Remember to stop by and say hi!

Heroes of Hope Part 2

The photo shoots for the Heroes of Hope Breast Calendar are now complete!! This past weekend, Cynthia August shot the remaining models, all themselves are either survivors, or currently undergoing treatment. The first to have their photos taken were Kelly and her son Ryan. Ryan, at just 10 years old, wrote and dedicated a rap song to his Mom, the song which was the inspiration for Kelly's survival. Janice was up next and brought with her to incorporate in her shoot; her coyote pelt, blue bird feathers, and a few other items. We also photographed Ed, an 81 year old veteran who I must say does not act or look like his age, Pauline, and Darleen. You can read all of our models stories in the calendar. To place your order, go to, .

After most of my creative responsibilities for the production of this calendar are complete, I'm once again left saying, "there are just no words" to describe what a journey this has been. I truly have been touched by each and every person I have met on this project. Even if in your life at this very moment you feel as if you're not in the position to help another, try. The littlest act of kindness goes an incredibly long way. And trust me when I say, you will be rewarded. Start here by spreading the word about our project. Pass along this blog entry, the website above, purchase a calendar, or make a donation. It will not only make a difference in the lives of many, but yours too.

Below, are some candid images I took during the last round of shoots. I hope you enjoy them!! And, I hope you do check out the link, spread the word, and become a sponsor! Together, WE CAN make a difference!! Thank You! ♥

Kelly and Ryan

Kelly and Ryan on the set of their photo shoot

Me styling Janice's shoot

The beautiful Miss Janice

Ed on the set of his shoot

Ed looking incredibly dapper

Pauline and I, flying high

Pauline posing for Cynthia

Miss Darleen having a chat with our talented photographer

Darleen and Jeffrey, who assisted Cynthia during our shoots

Friday, July 1, 2011

Heroes of Hope

I spent two entire days with photographer, Cynthia August, and four breast cancer survivors; Michelle, Diane, Joanne, and Heather, capturing images for Heroes of Hope 2011-2012 Breast Cancer Calendar. I cannot remember the last time I have ever felt as moved as I did during that weekend. I'm extremely grateful to have had this opportunity!

Below, are some candid images I took. I hope you enjoy them!! And, I hope you do check out the link, spread the word, and become a sponsor! Together, WE CAN make a difference!!

Cynthia August working a little magic on Heather.

Cynthia working her magic with a camera and lens.

Diane before we got her ready for her shoot.

Diane waiting patiently for her turn.

Michelle, ready and eager to get on her husband's Harley, and have her photo taken!

Michelle looking in the mirror.

Michelle posing on Joe's Harley.

My favorite photo of Mish.

Joanne getting Willie ready for his shoot.

A shot of Joanne's shoot from a distance.

Joanne wearing her custom Sexy Skins jacket, and Willie in his Sexy Skins
matching leather hat.

Beautiful Heather

Heather and Lisa calming the horse

Heather wearing my Blanket Cloak in front of the waterfall.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sexy Skins Photographers

Sexy Skins has been blessed by the talents of some fantastic photographers. You can see examples of their work throughout the pages of our website, on the Sexy Skins facebook and myspace profiles, and in this blog. Should you be seeking out a photographer to capture your special moment, I recommend them all!

Nancy Nutile-McMenemy,
Cynthia August,
Endosquid Productions,
Filipe N. Marques Photography,
Julien J. Dumont Jr.,
Jamie Wade Photography,
N & D Images,
Erik Ralston,
Scott Winters,
Valerie Mitchell,!/profile.php?id=1624429716
Sweet Shot Photography ,
Mark La Porta
Tom O'Flaherty,!/tom.oflaherty?v=info

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

There are no Words

This past Saturday and Sunday, I spent both days with photographer, Cynthia August, and four breast cancer survivors; Michelle, Diane, Joanne, and Heather. I hate to admit it, but on my hour-long drive to the studio of our talented photographer, I was feeling a little selfish thinking of all the other things I could have been doing and so desperately needed to be doing, and how much of my time and money I was donating. Then I arrived to see Cynthia standing in the driveway as a motorcycle was being unloaded from the trailer, and my high school and college best friend, Michelle, waving from the studio window.

Every negative feeling I had on my drive down, dissipated. I was no longer thinking about anything else but the moment at hand as I got to dress and style these lovely ladies and help them to feel beautiful and sexy. I also witnessed how happy they were to be working with me, to be wearing my clothing, and how appreciative and grateful toward me for my efforts in this project to raise money for the cause.

I cannot remember the last time I have ever felt so moved as I did this weekend. There are just no words to describe the feeling. If you can, take some time and volunteer. Even if this time in your life isn't the most opportune, do it. YOU WILL BE BLESSED!

If you're a wee bit curious as to what this project is about....Sexy Skins, Cynthia August Images, New England Walkers for Knockers and Seacoast Harley Davidson are creating a calendar with breast cancer survivors and their stories. Monies raised will be donated toward the cause. Want to help? See sample calendar and the sponsorship leaflet below.

Think Pink!

Every project I work on is special in its own right, but this last custom project was doubly so because it was created for a woman who has survived breast cancer. She came to me wanting to have a pink motorcycle jacket made. As we discussed the style and cut for her new custom jacket, and the type of leather she wanted, she began to share a little bit about her experiences battling the disease. She told me about her dogs, and how they are what carried her through. She showed me a pair of her favorite pink and beige cowboy boots, a pink ribbon key chain, and a little paw print do-hickey. Then, the light bulb went off! Below, are photos of the jacket we created for Joanne. What do you think?

Above photograph courtesy of, Cynthia August Images

Joanne, wearing her new Sexy Skins Custom on her motorcycle and Willie who's
wearing his matching Sexy Skins Pink leather hat.

More photos of Joanne's jacket in the making: