Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Road Trips

How I love them! My last, was through the Lake Champlain area into New York. What a beautiful trip and a blast too!! That was last summer! That's why I am looking forward to traveling down to New Jersey for the Roar to the Shore Rally, in Wildwood. Sexy Skins was invited by Alan Lee, http://www.alanleedesigns.com/, to join him and his fleet of custom built motorcycles to do a little promotional work. You see, I made him a custom leather jacket which he wore while at the rally in Sturgis. And I have been told, to keep my eyes peeled for photographs of him wearing his Sexy Skins in the Cycle Source and Easy Rider Magazines. I am so completely thrilled!!! This is a dream come true!! If you are in Wildwood for the rally, stop by to say hey, and check out my Sexy Skins...I'll have to make myself something special for the occasion.

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