Friday, January 25, 2008

I love this one!!!

This has to be the BEST feedback I have gotten EVER!! Not only was I happy she was happy, but I was laughing my ass off too! God, I love what I do!!!

By the way, she purchased the Blue Heaven Sexy Skins Halter top. :)

Subject: SHUT UP!!!!!!!

Isn't that what Stacy from the show "Fashionably Late" always says when something looks FANTASTIC!!!!

I walked in the door from work and my husband says "you got a package"...I get packages all the time so I just glanced over at it but then I saw Sexy Skins on it and I threw my coat off, tore the package open and started tearing off my husband was looking at me like I was NUTS!!!! I put it on and he said "Wow".... and it truly is WOW. Looks great on me with my blond hair and not to mention I have a bit of a tan left from my cruise (a little fake baking helps too).

You did a great job...I love the design and how soft the leather is AND IT FITS ME PERFECT!!!!!! Can't wait to wear it!!! I'll send you a photo of me sporting it when I do.

Keep up the great designs!!!

I'll chat with you soon, but I have to go now since my husband seems to be getting frisky with me wearing it!!!!! WOO HOO!


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