Monday, May 5, 2008

Where It All Began

When people ask, I tell them, it was my Mother who inspired me to begin a life of designing. I say life, because it started when I was a young girl and began designing costumes. But even before that, my mother made my clothing. A brown blazer and plaid skirt, sticks out in the memory banks and for one reason...brown brought out the dark circles in my eyes, and everyone always commented that I looked tired. lol

I didn't appreciate my mother's talent for sewing back then (I wanted to wear Levis like everyone else), but as I grew older and came to her with creations of my own, I began to see just how knowledgeable she was. It was amazing to watch her in action as she dissected my designs and found better ways to sew them up because, she wasn't a home sewer, but a factory seamstress in the 1930's,,,,sample maker for a Boston fashion designer to be exact, and one of the best in her trade. She knew the "In's and Out's" of production, and couture techniques to sewing garments that added class and sophistication, and of course, exceptional quality. I learned so much from her!!!

While in college and faced with the task of drafting patterns and sewing myself, I knew if I got stuck, Mom would be there to guide me. She was my best cheerleader, no matter what challenges lie before me. She was an incredible, strong, loving, and talented woman!! I miss Mom dearly!!

Much love and peace to all the great Mothers in the world!! Happy Mother's Day!!

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