Tuesday, March 3, 2009


If you're not into motorcycles, then you may be wondering this very thing. Heavy Hitters Magazine wrote a really nice feature on him this past fall in the October-November Issue #6, which is where I got the photos you will see posted in this entry.

Alan makes some of the sickest motorcycles out there! He truly is an artist. I'm not kidding, he oil paints, designs furniture and creates masterpieces out of metal! Much of why I am so thrilled to have him wearing my creations! Ok, that, and the fact that he wears my Skins in magazines, and on television takes it up a notch too. lol

Heavy Hitters wrote, "If you're into custom bikes with a flair of attitude and revolutionary design then be sure to check out Alan Lee. His bikes exude the same slick swagger found in his personality and his creativity as a bike builder is killing the game. He's already pushed the boundaries when it comes to material use and design...."

I met Alan through a mutual friend who has worked on some of Alan's bikes. Tim, created the gas tanks out of glass!! One of Alan's most infamous bikes was built on The Chopper Challenge TV show for Monster Energy Drinks. Check out the tank, and the detail of this killer custom!!!

Alan is an inspiration; as an artist, a business owner, and a person. He is a remarkable character. If you can land a copy of Heavy Hitters, I suggest you do so. You'll be entertained....and, you won't be asking, "Who the F*CK is Alan Lee?"

And, remember to tune in too to see Alan on CMT's The Chopper Challenge TV show, airing soon! All bets he'll be wearing Jacket No. 3!!

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