Monday, June 28, 2010

Sexy Skins Does Laconia Bike Week

No excuses but I certainly have good reason for such a lag in posts. I have been "crazy" BUSY! Sexy Skins has participated in numerous events and fashion shows throughout the past months, with the most recent at Laconia Bike Week. I knew eventually we would be showing Skins up there, but I never imagined it would be this year!! Thanks to The Tigerlily Band for introducing us to the owners of The Paradise beach Club who graciously allowed us to set up a booth in their establishment...the only vendor ever mind you...and strut our stuff on stage with Lily and the band. Check back here to view the video (once I figure out how to load it up). lol

For me, the highlight of this event was watching as our lovely models dressed in Sexy Skins of course, straddle the motorcycles of our biker friends as we rode through the streets of Laconia. The massive crowds who line the streets were stretching their necks to catch a glimpse of our leather procession. Cameras were raised and photos were snapped as we made our way, but it was I who should have been capturing the moment for the expressions on the faces of those who saw us, made me giggle. If anyone caught Sexy Skins Leather Parade with either stills or video, PLEASE send them to me!!!

Our stay in Laconia seemed way too short, but was long enough to meet so many wonderful people. I was very touched by all the women who expressed their appreciation for my art and the service we provide to design and fit all sizes and shapes. A very successful bike builder who came to see our show asked what separates our leather from the leather of other companies, and that is it! We at Sexy Skins know first hand how empowering it is to wear leather that fits us right. We understand that our world is curvy and no two curves are exactly the same. Sexy Skins hugs them all!!!

I will end this post with a special thank you to all our fans, friends, and colleagues who lent their support, and to our lovely models for trekking the distance to participate in what will go down in history as being my most memorable bike week ever!!! Thank YOU!!! xoxoxoxo

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