Friday, November 12, 2010

Lisa's Picks for the Gift Giving Season

The Holiday Season is upon us. Shopping for gifts can sometime feel like a task. I thought it may be helpful to offer a bit of gift giving advice to our Sexy Skins followers.

Fashion is in my blood (I was probably designing clothing in my Mother’s womb and she and my Grandma were sewing before they ever learned how to ride a bicycle). I have my BFA degree in Fashion Design. I can draw, paint, name it, if it has anything to do with creating, I can do it. Besides all that, I usually am the one you will speak with when you call Sexy Skins or email with questions or to place an order. I'm always the one who measures our clients, and the one who drafts their pattern. I am the only designer for Sexy Skins. I am also Sexy Skins best customer!! I have worn everything!! Who better than me to handle the responsibility of helping you do your Sexy Skins shopping?

So without further ado, here are my 10 top Sexy Skins picks:

10. Zen Cuff….what I love about the Zen Cuff is pretty simple; it looks hot on my man! And I have to admit, it looks hot on every guy I have seen wear it. It’s a simple, uncomplicated and sexy design. Period.

9. Kiss Me Halter…one of my favorite halter designs because it looks great on every woman whom I have made one for, and here’s why: It was designed that way! It was meant to flatter the figure and lift the puppies. To ensure that, all I need is her bra and cup size. Waist measurement helps too. If you’re not sure what color combinations she may want, then a gift certificate may be the way to go.

8. Large Brown LOVE Pouch….I confess, was a designer’s accident and I’m glad it happened! It’s different, attractive, and functional. This is a great leather bag to cart around your makeup, school supplies or travel goodies. And, 10% of its sale is donated to charity through Etsy Project Embrace.

7. X-Cuff…is available in so many pretty colored rhinestones including Black (Black is missing from the photograph)!! Just the right amount of bling to keep the look sophisticated and classy, but without losing that biker style. It’s a great looking cuff! And made with the same top grade latigo leather used on our belts except the X-Cuffs are a little thinner making them comfy to wear.

6. Sequoyah Suede Scoop….one of my personal favorites for the color alone. I LOVE purple! I LOVE the scooped front! It shows just the perfect amount of cleavage so you feel sexy, and classy while wearing it. It’s affordable too!

5. LOVE Belt….this is one nice belt just for the leather we use alone. We don’t line the belt because we don’t have to. We use top grade, thick, latigo leather in black or brown. All we need is the size you want it (instructions on how to measure are posted on the listing to purchase). A great looking belt with a beautiful buckle which coordinates perfectly with the entire LOVE Series Line with 10% of the sales donated to charity through Etsy Project Embrace.

4. LOVE Hip Pouch/Purse….I created the design and made the prototype based upon my own personal needs. I wore it around on and off the motorcycle for a while, then went back to the drafting board to make changes to the design, and voila! I LOVE the LOVE Hip Pouch/Purse!! It’s so versatile…one minute it’s a hip pouch attached to your belt loops, then in seconds, you can clip the shoulder strap on and you’re good to go wearing it as a purse instead. I think the design is just beautiful and it matches the LOVE Belt and other LOVE accessories!! I LOVVVVVVVVVVVE it!

3. Trilogie Cuff…rugged, sexy, masculine all in one cuff!!! When I see a guy wearing the Trilogie, I get the goose bumps. There’s just something about the way it looks on a man’s wrist. The photograph does not do it justice. You really have to see for yourself.

2. Heaven Halter…we sell more of this design than any other, and in all different colors, and even some with little changes like; closing up the front tummy, the addition of side slits, and covering up the extra bit of junk in the back…oh and ask me about my little cutlet secret. The Heaven makes my top 10 list not just for those reasons but because, you can wear it without wearing a bra! All Sexy Skins are designed that way – to lift and support! I hate bras!

1. And my number ONE Sexy Skins pick is……drum roll please……honestly, I couldn’t decide! It is a toss-up between the Santa Fe Suede Halter and all the custom clothing we create here at Sexy Skins (in case you haven’t heard, Sexy Skins is NH Magazines Best for Custom Leather).

I love the Santa Fe for its beautiful cut. This design ROCKS!!! It supports! It lifts! It separates! It looks great in suede! It looks fantastic in leather (Vegas Heat)! Beautiful with the addition of bling, with grommets, or with an inlay design…even with nothing at all! It feels beautiful on your skin! It is sexy, and it looks good on every single woman I have seen it on from the tiniest of busts to the double D’s. The Santa Fe is my all-time favorit, by far!!!

I get so much joy making people happy so the experience of working intimately with an individual to design and create a custom piece that they will enjoy wearing for a long time, also has to be my number one pick. Some of my most creative pieces have come from working with some very extraordinary people. We even have seen Sexy Skins being worn on television! Maybe you will recognize one…

Well, that’s it….Lisa’s Top 10 Sexy Skins Picks for 2010. I hope this is of some help. If not, there's always a gift certificate!

Should you have any questions, you can always give us a call or send an email!
Wishing you a safe and happy Holiday Season filled with much love and peace!

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