Monday, January 10, 2011

Be Mine....

Just over a month away from the “Lover’s Holiday”, I thought it would be fitting for me to suggest some gift ideas sure to make that special someone in your life is, “Sexy Skins” happy.

As a reminder…

Sexy Skins is NH Magazine's BEST of 2010 for Custom

• Specializing in Custom Designed and Hand Crafted Leather
Clothing and Accessories
• Sexy Skins woman's clothing is designed for a
woman's body - designed to enhance and support
• Sexy Skins designs and
patterns are original.
• We believe in the "perfect fit" and provide custom
service to alter a current design to suit your needs, body type and size, in
person AND on-line (call or email for details).
• We guarantee you will feel
sexy in your Sexy Skins!

♥ Gift Certificates makes the perfect gift, especially if you would like to see your lover wearing leather and you’re unsure of her size and measurements.

Available in denominations from $10.00, and Visa and MasterCard accepted when you phone in your order, 603-969-6684.

Gift Certificates can also be purchased from our shop:

♥ Accessories from our Leather L ♥ V E Line will make the perfect Valentine Day gift. After all, what says love more than beautiful leather adorned with a heart? And 10% of each sale is donated to The American Cancer Society, or The American Hospice Foundation. Should you have a preference, please let us know in the “notes to seller” section when placing your order.

The L ♥ V E Hip Bag or Purse, The L O V E Belt, and the L O V E Pouch Large in Brown:

The L O V E Pouch Large Brown:
The L O V E Hip Bag or Purse, Brown:
The L O V E Belt, Brown:

The L ♥ V E Pouch Small and Medium in Brown:

The L O V E Pouch Small Brown:
The L O V E Pouch Medium Brown:

The L ♥ V E Cuff:

The L O V E Cuff:

The L ♥ V E Belt in Black:

The L O V E Belt Black:

In Black is, The L ♥ V E Hip Bag, The L ♥ V E Belt, The L ♥ V E Cuff and Key Chain:

The L O V E Hip Bag or Purse Black:
The L O V E Key Chain:

The L ♥ V E Pouches available in 3 sizes in Black:

LOVE Pouch Small, BLACK:
LOVE Pouch Medium, BLACK:
LOVE Pouch Large, BLACK:

♥ Red, the color of love, and the...Li’l Red Devil:

The Li'L Red Devil Lambskin Leather Skirt :
The Li'L Red Devil Top:

The X-Cuff with 5 colors to choose from including Valentine Red, is "X-tra special, X-tra pretty and X-tra sparkly:

Red X-Cuff:
To shop for X-Cuff in other colors, Check out Black Titivations Collection:

For Him, nothing could be more rock-in-roll and sexy than The Trilogie Cuff:

Trilogie Cuff:

♥ For those seeking something of the seductive in nature, then The Black Dream Top and Panty is sure to spice things up:

The Black Dream Panty:
Matching Black Dream Lambskin Halter:

The Zen Cuff is simple in design, yet sexy, and looks hot on him and her:

The Zen Cuff:

The Kiss-Me, another perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and it's not just because of the name….this Sexy Skins looks marvelous on women of all ages, sizes, and shapes because, it was designed to do so:

The Kiss-Me made to order:
And available for immediate shipment:

The Unisex Trinity Cuff…triple the seductiveness in an understated design. Available in Brown Leather with either Turquoise or Coral colored stones, and upon request, can be made in Black leather with Turquoise colored stones:

The Trinity Cuff Brown and Turquoise:

The Trinity Cuff Brown and Coral:

The Twist Braid Cuff belongs on the wrist of a man…so sexy. Also for her:

The Twist Braid for Him:
The Twist Braid for Her:

♥ Should Ruffles and Romance be more your style, The Baby Doll corset halter and skirt will tickle your fancy:

The Baby Doll Corset Halter:
The Baby Doll Black Lambskin Leather Skirt:

The Spirit Cuffs, for Him and Her, available in Brown and Black, and in sets. Designed for New England Walkers for Knockers (The Avon Walk). For every sale of The Spirit Cuff, Sexy Skins will donate $1.00 to the cause:

Hers Black: Brown:
His Black:
His Brown:
His and Hers Black:
His and Hers Brown:

So there you have it. A place to start. Remember, should you have any questions, need advice, or just want to bounce some ideas around regarding having a custom piece created just for you, Sexy Skins is just a phone call or email away!

Here’s wishing your Valentine’s Day is full of romance and undying love….Sexy Skins style!


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