Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life is GOOD and My Pants are Too Tight!

You would think with a company name such as Sexy Skins, most of my clients would be slim and trim. Maybe you would think that its founder and designer, would be also. Well, they're not, and I'm not. In fact, in the last year or so, I have put on a few extra pounds. My pants are too tight, and I'm okay with that!

Life is Good! Business is great! I am in love with my life! I spend each day living my dream and following my passion. I will admit, it has NOT been an easy road traveled AT ALL, but it has been a very fulfilling one. So, why am I okay with the fact my pants are too tight?

Well, I know I tend to gain a few pounds when I get stressed and too busy to concentrate on "me". And I am busy. I'm a mother of two wonderful boys ages 16 and 11. They bring so much joy and love to my life (and at times, aggravation, but I love that too). I attend most of their games and there are a lot of them. I enjoy spending as much time with them as I can which never seems to be enough. I just adore them.

Sexy Skins has never been so busy. It's so exciting to give birth to an idea, put your heart and soul into every inch of its existence, then watch as it grows right before your eyes. We have the most amazing clients and have worked on some really spectacular projects. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities that have arisen!

I am blessed to have great friends who have stood by my side through the best times and the worst. They continue to offer their support and are patient with my busy life and schedule. They push me, and encourage me to continue. They even create opportunities that I may have passed by.

No doubt my life is full....along with favorite black pants when I try to squeeze my fanny into them. And that's okay. I know when things settle a bit, I'll be able to focus more on myself, exercise more, and eat better. With a less stressful life, the hormones will be more in check too. It's really up to me to take control, reduce stress, and find balance, and I will work on that along with reminding the Sexy Skins world that you are beautiful, no matter what the size your pants are!!

We must stop being so hard on ourselves and feel bad because we're not a perfect size 0 like we see in magazines, on the runway, and on TV. If you are blessed with the perfect body, good for you! You need to call me and wear Sexy Skins! If you're like me, you need to call me and wear Sexy Skins too! Remember, if you pants are too tight, why torture yourself? Buy a bigger size! But always hold on to the smaller pair because even if you won't want to admit it, you will want to wear those again...and you will!

Love and Peace, and fanny stuffing pants,

Me, Justin, and Brenda Fox
at The Ride for the Cure Fashion Show

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