Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Think Pink!

Every project I work on is special in its own right, but this last custom project was doubly so because it was created for a woman who has survived breast cancer. She came to me wanting to have a pink motorcycle jacket made. As we discussed the style and cut for her new custom jacket, and the type of leather she wanted, she began to share a little bit about her experiences battling the disease. She told me about her dogs, and how they are what carried her through. She showed me a pair of her favorite pink and beige cowboy boots, a pink ribbon key chain, and a little paw print do-hickey. Then, the light bulb went off! Below, are photos of the jacket we created for Joanne. What do you think?

Above photograph courtesy of, Cynthia August Images

Joanne, wearing her new Sexy Skins Custom on her motorcycle and Willie who's
wearing his matching Sexy Skins Pink leather hat.

More photos of Joanne's jacket in the making:

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