Friday, July 1, 2011

Heroes of Hope

I spent two entire days with photographer, Cynthia August, and four breast cancer survivors; Michelle, Diane, Joanne, and Heather, capturing images for Heroes of Hope 2011-2012 Breast Cancer Calendar. I cannot remember the last time I have ever felt as moved as I did during that weekend. I'm extremely grateful to have had this opportunity!

Below, are some candid images I took. I hope you enjoy them!! And, I hope you do check out the link, spread the word, and become a sponsor! Together, WE CAN make a difference!!

Cynthia August working a little magic on Heather.

Cynthia working her magic with a camera and lens.

Diane before we got her ready for her shoot.

Diane waiting patiently for her turn.

Michelle, ready and eager to get on her husband's Harley, and have her photo taken!

Michelle looking in the mirror.

Michelle posing on Joe's Harley.

My favorite photo of Mish.

Joanne getting Willie ready for his shoot.

A shot of Joanne's shoot from a distance.

Joanne wearing her custom Sexy Skins jacket, and Willie in his Sexy Skins
matching leather hat.

Beautiful Heather

Heather and Lisa calming the horse

Heather wearing my Blanket Cloak in front of the waterfall.

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