Monday, January 2, 2012

Sexy Skins Leather and Tinken Jewelry Collaboration

I am very excited about the Sexy Skins collaboration with Kristina Backes from Tinken Jewelry! Kristina holds a degree in all areas of Goldsmithing and Jewelry Design from the Goldsmith Academy of Vicenza, Italy. Over the past 10 years, Kristina has worked in the jewelry field extensively in both Germany and Italy.

My relationship with the German born jeweler began with the collaboration on a custom piece for one of my clients. Kristina and I soon realized we had more in common than just sharing a passion for creating with our desired mediums, and we began to explore the possibilities of marrying metal with leather to create a collection of exquisite jewelry for both men and women.

The first design in our collection will utilize interchangeable leather bands to showcase Kristina's sterling silver sculptures which float gracefully in the center; each with its own special meaning, and with bands available in four different colors of very luxurious Aztec leather. Also as part of our collection, Kristina and I have designed Sterling Silver and White Gold “beads” which will adorn gorgeous handcrafted Kangaroo leather braided cuffs. Due for release in April.

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