Monday, July 9, 2012

Sexy Skins Does Little Lambo in LA

On June 26, 2012, my assistant, Cristina Barbaresi, and I flew out to sunny California to begin our work on the interior of a 1973 Lamborghini Lp420 SVM Urraco, better known as "Twice Baked". What an adventure for the Bull, its owner, and Sexy Skins!

We began with a shopping spree and returned to set up our make-shift Sexy Skins studio.

Next, we began to drape our recently purchased muslin, and transferred to paper to make a pattern for Little Lambo's seats.

Cristina and I enjoying Starbucks before she begins to cut.

And, the sewing begins!

Stopping to check out our work.  Looking Good!

Working hard means we need to play hard. Lake Arrowhead on July 4th.

LA trip Numero Uno is complete, and Cristina and I fly home to Sexy Skins studios in New Hampshire. But we WILL be back soon to finish creating Little Lambo's Sexy Skins!

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The story of our Twice Baked Little Lambo:  eBay Motors

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