Monday, October 3, 2011

The Denimrack Collection

A fun and exciting project which I had the pleasure of working on was, "The Denimrack Collection". That is because I had the opportunity to work with the owner of The Denimrack Boutique, Joe Hickey. Not only does Joe possess incredible business savvy, he is also extremely creative with a phenomenal eye for color and texture. Those qualities combined with my leather expertise and fashion sense, have resulted in the creation of a collection of leather cuffs which are fun, hip, and trendy.

I'm so proud of this collection for its quality and design! All the cuffs are handmade with the most luxurious of latigo leathers available, and using the most unique hardware I could fine. By far, they are my favorite cuffs to sell, and wear! Check them out at the Denimrack in downtown Portsmouth, NH or, purchase from our website.
(Please note, not all of the cuffs from The Denimrack Collection are pictured in the photograph above but can be found on our website)

Remember, we guarantee our workmanship. Even though we do our very best to ensure nothing will fail, if it ever should, simply return it and we'll repair it or send you another in its place.

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