Monday, October 3, 2011

Sarah Fox and The Portsmouth Fire Fighters Charitable Association

When asked to design a cuff for The Portsmouth Fire Fighters Charitable Association's Ride for Sarah Fox, I put all aside, and immediately headed to the studio and my drafting table to begin work on the design.

Portsmouth Firefighter Sarah Fox was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 9, 2007. At the time she was also 36 ½ weeks pregnant with twins. Twelve hours after her diagnosis the twins were born making a family of seven. Sarah fought through the many challenges and treatments that cancer brings and beat the odds returning to work in January 2009. Just over a year later Sarah developed a pain in her hip which was discovered to be cancer. Sarah, her husband Matt, and their 5 children and extended family are faced with the fight against cancer once again.

I had asked what words of inspiration brought comfort and courage to Sarah, and incorporated into the cuff design her favorite quote from Charles Haddon Spurgeon, "by perseverance the snail reached the ark”. Another inspiration for the design is a circle; the ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, and infinity, which also represents the strength of the human spirit. Our “circle” is a ¾” metal ring which functions as a closure, and is a unique and decorative element to the Sarah’s Cuff design.

The feedback I am getting from "Sarah's Cuff" is incredibly positive. People feel inspired by the quote Sarah chose because at one time or another, we all have had to muster up the courage to fight, and needed the patience to endure when faced with personal trials and tribulation. Recently, a woman shared with me her story of when she was just a young child suffering from hearing loss, her parents supported her and fought with the school when she was failing. Now she's a breast cancer surgeon.

I would like to thank Sarah Fox for sharing a part of her soul with us which will continue to inspire many. My prayers go out to her, and, her family and friends. Please show your support, by purchasing Sarah's Cuff.

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