Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Rosa Collection of Leather Cuffs and Accessories

The Rosa Collection of Leather Cuffs and Accessories was inspired by my Mother, Rose.  She was an amazing woman who endured many tumultuous and life altering experiences and handled them with much courage, grace, and strength.  She was my rock and my supporter, always encouraging me to go after the impossible.  We lost Rose in 2007 but her memory and spirit lives on through those she loved.  Thank You, Mom for loving me!  This one is for you!! ♥
Each petal in the Rosa Collection is hand-cut, skived, and molded and formed to replicate the delicate petals on a rose.  We sort through every petal searching for the ones that when pieced together, will perfectly create an exquisite leather rose.  Because of the nature of creating this product and the detail and workmanship involved, no two roses or cuffs will ever be exactly alike.  
The Rosa Collection is due to release on May 25th.

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