Friday, May 25, 2012

The Rosa Collection ~ The Story & Big Launch

Roses in December ~ And January through November!

I thought I was excited back in May when I first came up with the designs for our Rosa Collection of Leather Cuffs and Accessories, but now, I am doubly excited to be rolling them out the door! And this is why:

Once Upon a Time in a Studio in New Hampshire

White Pearl Lambskin Leather Purse with Leather Roses and Rose Swarovski Crystals. 
I wanted to make a gift for my Great Niece who was celebrating her First Communion. I had a vision of a little white leather purse with pink lining, and white ruffle trim. I instantly thought of my Mother, with her vast collection of trims, buttons, and zippers. Immediately, I felt Mom's presence as I began to rummage through her stash, searching for inspiration and design direction. I am not quite sure how the ruffles turned in to roses (perhaps my Mother's name had something to do with it?), but I found myself learning how to make roses out of leather, and my little white leather bag now had a special adornment; three small white leather roses, and in their center, Rose colored Swarovski Crystal rivets. And, I was in love!

My Love Affair Blossoms and Blooms Through the Night

I had so much fun making leather roses, and was so incredibly excited about the process, so much so, I decided to share my new found craft with our Sexy Skins fans on Facebook. I began to post photographs of the process, and my progress. The response was slightly overwhelming. Each time I posted a photograph, my fire was fueled by the response and the creative suggestion of our Facebook fans. The frenzy it stirred, began to inspire me even more, and making leather roses turned into making leather cuffs with roses. I could not stop!

True Love and Adoration

Is the way I am feeling about our new collection; the look, the style, the way I feel when I wear them, and how it all came to idea, my Mother's stash, along with a whole lot of love! I hope you enjoy our Rosa Collection as much as I do!

The Rosa Collection of Leather Cuffs and Accessories

All the items in the Rosa Collection are created by hand, using top-grade leather in the most luxurious of finishes. In our Autumn Rose Series, even the roses are made with the same leather as the band, 5-7 ounce Latigo leather; each petal is hand-cut, skived three times to obtain the right thickness, and then molded and formed to replicate the delicate petals on a rose. I sort through every petal searching for those which when assembled together, will perfectly create an exquisite leather rose.
Because of the nature of creating these products, and the detail, workmanship, and time involved (one cuff can take up to 4 hours), no two roses or cuffs will ever be exactly alike.

An Introductory Offer Especially for You

Begins today, May 25, 2012! Shop either on the Sexy Skins Website, or the Sexy Skins Shop on Etsy. Enter the Code ROSAFORU during checkout to receive 10% off your Rosa Collection Purchase! Offer is good in person too.

A Bright and Rosy Future

Not only will we be adding to our Rosa Collection in the near future, we also have some BIG news we will be sharing in the weeks to come! You can stay abreast by checking in with us on Facebook, reading our Blog, and signing up to receive our Newsletter. If you have a friend whom you feel would benefit from Sexy Skins, by all means, forward this email along!!

As always, I thank you for your love and support!


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